Searching Photos by Drawing a Picture

OK, so maybe you’ve got a few hundred, or thousand, photos that you’ve taken, but how do you search them ? You could try and tag them for everything (if you’ve got the time) but wouldn’t it be nice if you could just draw a picture and search for that ?

Well the Digikam folks are working on that by incorporating some of the existing ImgSeek projects code into the KDE4 version of Digikam (0.10.0).

They’ve got a short video demo of it up on YouTube (embedded below).

7 thoughts on “Searching Photos by Drawing a Picture

  1. Yay wavelet transforms!

    Why do I predict lots of people drawing “(.) (.)” into google now?

    Oh well, I guess it’s better than them drawing

    _/ .\__, Arrrgh
    / ____/ _/
    / /
    / /\\ __
    _/ /–\\-/ *\__ Woof.
    / | / ___ ____/ _/
    | /| / ||
    ||_|| ||_

    if it keeps them off the streets.

  2. Hi

    I seen somthing simular at the New media Show in London. The only problem was that if you were usless at drawing, your picture of your new born son, would pull up a photo of say, Mount Everist, not good.

    Lets see what happens to this new bit of kit.

    Take Care


  3. Robt: I’m still old skool and expect things to be fixed width fonts outputting spaces when you ask them to. Gah, bring back USENET.

  4. That would be awesome to be able to search images. I’ll probably be one of those ones drawing (.)(.) though…LOL

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