World Petrol Prices

If, like me, you’re curious about how petrol prices vary across the world then this handy site has a nice table made up from information from contributors around the world (and they want more). The figures are normalised to USD per gallon and Indian Rupees per litre (and be aware of the caveats at the end).

Interesting to see that whilst Americans complain about the cost of petrol they still pay less for it than Australians were in 2005 and presently the UK pays 2.5 times the price of gas in the USA.

2 thoughts on “World Petrol Prices

  1. Yes you are right we Americans have a narrow mind and don’t realize how much higher the petrol prices are around the world.
    The table I found is similar but lists prices not as high as yours.
    But the point is USA prices is right in the middle so we Americans don’t need to overdramatize as much.
    Lets all move to Venezuela (get rid of the dictator first), so we can enjoy $0.14 per gallon prices!

  2. Hi Todd,

    As I just commented on your linked article the reason that the table that you found shows lower prices are that they appear to be all from 2006! 🙂

    Us Aussies tend to complain a lot, but compared to Europe we’re pretty well off.

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