61 Seconds in the Minute

Courtesy of my kernel log:

Jan 1 10:59:59 quad kernel: [303561.577455] Clock: inserting leap second 23:59:60 UTC


(Thanks to Jason White for pointing out that it was logged on the luv-main list)

One thought on “61 Seconds in the Minute

  1. Heh. I’ve been meaning to blog about the leap second bug in our GPS timeclock detected 3 months ago when it prematurely implemented a leap second at 10am one fine morning. Good thing I implemented monitoring on the timeservers despite the dinosaur herder’s protestations of “we don’t no steenking monitoring”.

    I’m fully expecting to get into work this afternoon to encounter a 15 arcsec pointing error, because I’m pretty sure we never got around to fixing the automatic parsing of the IAU bulletins in the implementation of the UTC-TAI calculation in the new telescope control system.

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