Echo suppression fix for Qt Extended 4.4.2 on OpenMoko Neo

I’d previously posted a patch for echo suppression for Qt Extended on the OpenMoko Neo, but it was completely bogus! 🙂

So I went back to the drawing board and changed it to use the AT%N0187 command to enable both noise reduction and echo suppression in one hit as I worry that the original method of using a command for each would result in the previous command being undone. I also added them to a couple of other places where
they looked like they’d be important such as on initialisation and on wake from suspend.

I’m using a slightly earlier version of the attached patch (only removed two comments and inserted some blank lines) on my Neo at the moment and it seems to be working fine – on a test call from a train I was told there was no echo (with the volume at max and mic gain right up) but that I “sounded like I was in a bathroom”, i.e. there was a bit of reverb. 🙂

I’m not convinced that it’s completely foolproof as I don’t know if it’ll remain enabled if I get two incoming calls without a suspend in between.

But it’s still a lot better than what I’ve been having to put up with since I got this going!

I’ve attached both the echo patch to this post and the compiled version of the Neo plugin that is running on my phone. To use it you will need to scp it onto your Neo and then:

root@om-gta02:~# cd /opt/Trolltech/Qtopia/plugins/phonevendors/
root@om-gta02:~# mv
root@om-gta02:~# mv /home/root/ .

Once you’ve done that reboot the phone and you should be using the new version!


7 thoughts on “Echo suppression fix for Qt Extended 4.4.2 on OpenMoko Neo

  1. Hello, how do you apply the .PATCH file AND do you need to apply it at all ? i followed the steps and when i reboot and call from my house number, i get 2 calls simultaneously instead of 1, didnt happen before i applied the patch, and aslo some background noises like GSM buzzing appeared. Im using Qt 4.4.3.
    hope you can fix it 😛
    P.S. There was no echo !

  2. Hi,

    I think you did a great job with this! Unfortunately is doesn’t work entirely yet for me. When I make a call to someone the sound quality is great. No echo’s at all. But when I receive a call the person who’s calling me hears terrible echoes. Would that be something that could easily be fixed?

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