DECnet Now Orphaned in the Linux Kernel for 2.6.33

For those computer history buffs it is sad to learn that the Linux kernels DECnet code is going to be orphaned in 2.6.33, the git commit by Christine Caulfield says:

Due to lack of time, space, motivation, hardware and probably expertise, I have reluctantly decided to orphan the DECnet code in the kernel.

Judging by the deafening silence on the linux-decnet mailing list I suspect it’s either not being used anyway, or the few people that are using it are happy with their older kernels.

To be honest I’m surprised it’s lasted this long, the last time I used DECnet in anger was around 1997 I think..

3 thoughts on “DECnet Now Orphaned in the Linux Kernel for 2.6.33

  1. /* Aside

    The project leader for the DECnet Linux project wrote to me after DEC had been purchased by Compaq and Compaq was “merged” with HP, and asked if I thought that “DEC” would mind the project using the name “DECnet”.

    I gave him the “Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper” answer:

    “It is easier to ask forgiveness than permission.”

    and in this case it was literally true, as I did not know if there was anyone left to the DECnet group at HP.

    The DECnet Linux project gave DECnet Phase IV functionality to Linux, which allowed Linux to talk to VMS systems that only had DECnet, and to LAT boxes (this was a bunch of serial lines tied into a box and then hooked to the ETHERNET) which would handle terminals, printers and other serial devices.

    I thought that this project added to DECnet’s life, and that DEC/Compaq/HP would have to be crazy to object.

    But sadly I now see (as of February 10th, 2010):

    So just like I said “RIP” to Grace Murray Hopper, I now say “RIP” to DECnet Linux.


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