Melbourne CBD Photo Walk, New Years Day, 2011

On the 1st January Donna and I went and walked around Melbourne’s CBD to take photos, here’s some of the best from that trip:

Ironwork, Block Arcade, Melbourne Light Silhouette, Block Arcade, Melbourne Arcade Lights, Block Arcade, Melbourne

Pot plant on Mosaic Floor, Block Arcade, Melbourne Hotel Barclay, 317-321 Little Collins Street Contrast

Statue Reflections on Chinatown 2 Chinatown, Little Bourke Street, Melbourne Melbourne City Court Tower

Melbourne City Court side door Donna the photographer Lamp post on Cardigan Terrace, Melbourne

5 thoughts on “Melbourne CBD Photo Walk, New Years Day, 2011

  1. Thanks Suda! I’m currently using the 80mm-200mm (3.5-5.6) VR lens which gives me a great deal of flexibility. I’d love the same lens but faster, but I suspect that they don’t make them, and even if they did I suspect I couldn’t afford it.. 😉

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