First Release Candidate for Vacation

Vacation rc1 is the first release candidate for the first bug fix only release in the 1.2.7 branch.

This release fixes up a warning for orighdr in GCC 4.6.x. It also includes a German translation of the manual page courtesy of Dr. Tilmann Bubeck, the Fedora packager, and some cleanup work (removing obsolete directories).

Note that the English man page has been renamed to and is a symlink to it, so German speakers can just change that symlink before installing to pick up the Dr. Bubecks translation.

Please do grab this and test it out!

If I don’t hear any problems before next weekend I intend to release this as the official Vacation

Old patch for Bonnie++ to use random data rather than 0’s

Way back in 2007 I posted a blog about testing ZFS/FUSE with Bonnie++ using random data rather than 0’s, and I said:

itÒ€ℒs not ready for production use as it isnÒ€ℒt controlled by a command line switch and relies on /dev/urandom existing. yes, IÒ€ℒm going to send the patch to Russell to look at

I didn’t get any feedback on the patch, so I’ve decided to post it here in case people are interested.

diff -ur bonnie++-1.03a/bonnie++.cpp bonnie++-1.03a-urand/bonnie++.cpp
--- bonnie++-1.03a/bonnie++.cpp 2002-12-04 00:40:35.000000000 +1100
+++ bonnie++-1.03a-urand/bonnie++.cpp   2007-01-01 13:03:41.644378000 +1100
@@ -41,6 +41,9 @@
 #include <string.h>
 #include <sys/utsname.h>
 #include <signal.h>
+#include <sys/types.h>
+#include <sys/stat.h>
+#include <fcntl.h>
 #ifdef AIX_MEM_SIZE
 #include <cf.h>
@@ -148,6 +151,28 @@
+void load_random_data(char *temp_buffer,int length)
+       int filedes, numbytes;
+       filedes=open("/dev/urandom",O_RDONLY);
+       if(filedes<0)
+       {
+               perror("Open of /dev/urandom failed, falling back to 0's");
+               memset(temp_buffer, 0, length);
+       }
+       else
+       {
+               numbytes=read(filedes,temp_buffer,length);
+               if(numbytes!=length)
+                       {
+                               perror("Read from /dev/urandom failed, falling back to 0's");
+                               memset(temp_buffer, 0, length);
+                       }
+               close(filedes);
+       }
 int main(int argc, char *argv[])
   int    file_size = DefaultFileSize;
@@ -477,7 +502,8 @@
       return 1;
     if(!globals.quiet) fprintf(stderr, "Writing intelligently...");
-    memset(buf, 0, globals.chunk_size());
+    // memset(buf, 0, globals.chunk_size());
+    load_random_data(buf, globals.chunk_size());
     bufindex = 0;
     // for the number of chunks of file data

Second beta release of Vacation

Vacation beta2 is the second beta for the first bug fix only release in the 1.2.7 branch.

This release just fixes up some issues that Coverity revealed, none of which appeared to be harmful.

NB: If you compile with GCC 4.6 and see a complaint about orighdr being set but never used in rfc822.c don’t worry, its already fixed in git and will be in the first RC (assuming nothing bad is found in this version).

Please grab this beta release and test it and report any problems!