The 2012 Hoax

It’s sad that such a site is even necessary, but if you find yourself trying to explain to people why the world won’t actually end in 2012 (which I’ve found myself doing a couple of times) then the 2012 Hoax website (run by astronomers and others around the world) has a heap of info that should help. Please give the Mayans a break, they didn’t predict this..

Hopefully this blog will also lend some of my Google-fu to them (though they are doing pretty well so far!).

6 thoughts on “The 2012 Hoax

  1. This year, the Mayans expected… their calendar to reset. Whoopie do.

    Even 2012 DA14 will miss Earth by 2.3 AU on February 15th next year.

    Mankind won’t need any celestial events to ruin the planet, we’re quite effective at that single-handedly. We typically ignore that ancient engineering principle: “if it’s working, don;t fix it.”

    • Yup, I know that, you know that, the problem is that there are folks out there (the examples on the site are from kids and teenagers) who are not science literate who have been told this is going to happen and are afraid. If they go and search for it then it’s good that they find the 2012 hoax site instead of the heaps of them spouting rubbish.

  2. 2012, the movie, was on last night. I particularly liked the bit where the hero’s plane was about to ditch in the ocean but discovered, when below the clouds, that it was OK because the upheavals had moved the Himalayas a thousand miles nearer America and they thus had something to land on.

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