Time Team – Archaeology by TV ?

I was watching Time Team on the ABC where they were excavating a suspected crannog and henge monument at Loch Migdale in Scotland back in 2004 when they showed a quick bit of video of the remains of a stone causeway underwater.

Whilst watching the fly over of the rocks something caught my eye, something that looked too regular to be natural and what appeared to me to be a round circular container. I had recorded it on the DVD recorder so I grabbed a few frames to show, but whilst it can be hard to see in still images it’s a bit more obvious when you see it moving so I’ve also got an animated GIF of those put together here.

Animated GIF

Here are the individual stills in my gallery with the oddity highlighted, click on one to see it at a better size.


6 thoughts on “Time Team – Archaeology by TV ?

  1. Tomorrow night I’ll have a go and see if I can highlight where I think the oddity is.

    I’ve tried to register for the C4 forums already but I’ve got to wait for them to approve my membership. I did go looking for an email address but I couldn’t see it..


  2. Looking at it closely, I suppose the imaginative eye could see a jug. But don’t quote me as i’m not an expert.
    The site (as all are), are very well recorded, so if it was anything, i’m sure it was recorded.

    The specialists on crannogs in this episode were Nick Dixon and Barrie Andrian, and I think it safe to say they may have it covered…

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