Alec Muffett Update : Sunday 9th July

This is from Rachel after a conversation with his sister who is in France:

Alec is now confirmed as having 9 broken ribs on the left side and 1 broken rib on the right.

He has been allowed some water today – this (I’m told) made “more pleased than if the french nurses has stood on the table and stripped – and they are pretty nurses!”

It does however preclude any operation on his leg tomorrow for which he will eventually have to be starved again.

He had a very bad ‘down’ from a dose of morphine today, which he said was worse than the pain it was stopping – so he is now refusing any more morphine.

M… was watching the World Cup final – rooting for France because she says everyone has been fantastic. One fun example: when they left the hospital
after their first visit having driven/eurostared through Thursday night they needed to find a named hotel on the edge of the massive 15 block hospital complex. They asked an ambulance driver outside the ICU for directions – he took one look at them, opened the back doors of his ambulance, ushered them in, and took them direct to the hotel!

At present M… is trying to arrange for Alec to be put into a BUPA hospital either in Worcester, or Edgebaston (Birmingham), as the private hospital at Droitwich (closest to the family) can not accept trauma patients as it doesn’t have the relevant kit. M… current guestimate is that even if healing progresses smoothly, Alec is likely to be in hospital for 4-5 weeks minimum. However there is no date set for Alec to be moved yet.

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  1. “Heck of a way to start Q1, Alec!”

    Even here in Texas, I’m aware of what’s happening (first from Geoff Arnold). Tell Alec I’ll heft a pint (or two) in his honour. Also, I advised Mike Belch, who hadn’t heard the news.

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